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Welcome to The Autopoint Group

Welcome to The Autopoint Group


Batteries are the source of power and have to be absolutely reliable whatever the weather conditions. You want them to be durable, tough and consistent performers. Whether it is a car battery, an inverter battery, battery for traction vehicles, battery for racing cars or for motorcycles, you simply cannot afford to compromise on quality and performance. The best is only good enough when it comes to this critical component so vital in cars.

Importantly, you need a reliable, single source supplier who can advise you, recommend the right battery and rush it promptly to your doorstep at the right price, saving you a lot of time, labour and money. You need a supplier who gives support and service throughout the battery’s life. The Autopoint Group is your one stop dependable battery supplier, one you can trust for all requirements as well as total service support.

The Autopoint Group is also the single largest supplier of a range of leading brands such as Exide, Varta, Bosch, GS, Yuasa, Moura, UKB Platinum, Energy and Ducelier among others.The Autopoint Group deals only in top, trusted brands to assure total reliability and confidence.

Turn to us for your requirements of SLA batteries for commercial vehicles, sealed lead acid batteries, VRLA batteries, sealed gel batteries, high performance batteries, tubular batteries for inverters, deep cycle battery, heavy duty traction batteries for battery powered vehicles, marine grade batteries, Sonnenschein lithium batteries and more and you will never be disappointed with your decision. Just let us know your end use and our professional experts will recommend the right batteries at the right prices. The Autopoint Group fulfils all your needs for batteries and accessories like top up acid solution, leads, clamps and chargers. Whether it is a small 6V 4Ah battery or a monster 2V 600 AH battery, we have it all readily available or available at short notice. The Autopoint group believes in extreme customer satisfaction and in giving each individual customer the value for money.

If you need a battery, today or any time in the future, contact us; we will get the right one to your doorstep at the right price.